"Incomplete Sentience"

We The Robots is Back

July 13 - posted in news, work in progress

Wow, what a long time it’s been. What’s been going on? Fretting mostly. For those might be interested, I’ve started the  We The Robots comic back up. Why not, I say! You can read it here: wetherobots.com Or follow on the social medium you like best: facebook: facebook.com/wetherobots twitter: twitter.com/wtrcomic instagram: instagram.com/wetherobots/ tumblr: wetherobots.tumblr.com/


February 28 - posted in sundries, work in progress

Oh my god we’re all just spinning through the darkness!

The Realities

November 28 - posted in sundries

“The Realities of the Party Space.” What could that mean?!

Hang Loose Till the End of the World

March 14 - posted in sundries

Here’s a little surfing doodle to celebrate spring break.

Dispatch from HQ: Free Association Style

March 2 - posted in sundries, work in progress

Working late. Making pictures. Roughing things in. Punch drunk. Drunk drunk. Ding Ding. Go Queen Underwood, go!

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